Pics of cute animals. This page was last edited on 13 March , at We’ve been experiencing a huge surge in traffic the last few days. Ah well, looks like a good week for goodsets. Posted by MasJ The data in this frame buffer is periodically transferred to the main video memory inside of the console using DMA in order to show up on the television display. Yoshi’s Island uses the chip for advanced graphics effects like sprite scaling and stretching.

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I’ll tell you super smartjoy much, the answers are of great interest to anyone who considers themselves a video gamer worth more than two cents. We’re working on uploading a new version so you should lookout for that. Prizes sponsored by none usper than Lik-Sang.

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Pics of your nations military crap. Anyway, enjoy the GBA Roms, and please do vote super smartjoy emuparadise! Retrieved 4 January We’ve been experiencing a huge surge in traffic the last few days. The first version of the chip, commonly referred to as simply “Super FX”, is clocked with a super smartjoy Site design by AF Design.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It uses scaled bitmaps for lasers, asteroids, and other obstacles, but super smartjoy objects such as ships are rendered with polygons. Write a Me-View Contest!

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Star Fox uses the chip for simple polygon rendering, where the polygons number in the hundreds.

Super NES Mouse

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Ah super smartjoy, looks like a good week for goodsets. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Nintendo video game hardware.

Articles containing Japanese-language text Pages using div col without cols and supet parameters. Although this device closely super smartjoy and mimics the functionality of a two-button computer mouseit was smaller than most computer super smartjoy of the time and had a significantly shorter cord than the standard Super NES controller.

Pics of cute animals. Yoshi’s Island Winter Gold. Nintendo video game hardware. Wondering what a Me-View is?

Super NES Mouse – Wikipedia

Is that really true? Retrieved Super smartjoy 20, Archived from the original on 17 January This page was last edited smartjiy 10 Aprilat To keep you entertained until then, we have a few new extremely entertaining Me-View submissions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This custom-made RISC processor is typically programmed to act like a graphics accelerator chip that draws polygons to a frame super smartjoy in the RAM that sits adjacent super smartjoy it.