Funny that i had to go to a server located miles away to get a decent reading. This is San Fransisco: She worked with backroom tech staff and confirmed that even though I was on 3. It definitely seems faster but just want to make sure! As soon as he left I went to speedtest which only shows up to 50mbps. I think I’ve done everything to trouble shoot.

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June 1, — 9: Yes, doesn’t matter what day or time, I get pretty much the same speed. Thanks moforola up skip! At the end of the day, I know that that connection is pretty good, but it could always be better! Basically the further away from the server you are getting the information from, the lower motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem connection. I have like 9 things connected to my unit and there is no connection problems.

Doing well during peak time: Like what suburbs, post codes, etc. Standard for everyone else? Tell them your speeds are still regular cable. Hey Luca, thanks so much buddy. I have a friend round the corner who gets 76 so I’m happy. Enabled Downstream Channels Power Level: Is bigpond is not fast when a motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem watches IPTV? New connection here wondering why it took motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem so long to switch to cable.

Just like to know how fast Telstra Ultimate cable is with international links. Still very impressive http: It is better and you might be able to upgrade to this model if you get a good representative that will do it for you. As soon as you get connected and if superfast speedboost has been enabled on your account, you should get the speeds pretty much straight away.

I love my speed today I wonder why I can never achieve more than mbps? If you are desperate, ring up telstra and ask for another Ultimate plan with GB quota.

City and County of Denver – Colorado

Here is an example of motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem that we just finished servicing this week. Also re download manager, could someone recommend what they use I think Luca posted a screenshot from one motorkla again a link so I could try that? The speeds currently via speedtest measure about 34Mbps but browsing seems slower than Adsl.

That will fix itself in a little bit. These look similar to mine and mine were confirmed to be fine by JunkCrusader. A breathless session saw a quite staggering 23 cars blanketed by just eight tenths of a second with positions changing at almost every moment. SpeedBoost applied yesterday to account, sirfboard call involved a reset of the modem, which had not previously changed anything. But when do they actually come into play during downloads?

It seems you’re still on the motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem frequency. Fault issues including power down, restart have failed to rectify the fault.

In the siebel system in 1 list, the plans are called fast and fastest.

Hi Exler8ing, Dam I know what they have done, business account, just checked bill that came other day. Your wireless connection is 8 times slower than your cabled connection, for downloads anyways.

Anyone know biggest file on Aarnet mirror. Anything here out of the ordinary?

Or do I have the fastest available that isn’t NBN? I also use internet download manager second image posted that opens up in my case 16 connections at once to maximise my bandwith. So long as their servers can support it then yes Sure. If you are talking about surfbboard Telstra Ultimate be slower when the NBN comes into full force, no, it won’t affect Telstra Ultimate since NBN and surfboaard are 2 different services and motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem difference networking systems.

Official Cable Ultimate/Super Fast Speedboost Speedtest Thread – Cable – Telstra Broadband

Getting mine on saturday so keen to tweak it. It seems I am not the only one getting Mbps instead of Mbps motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem Ultimate, so I don’t know if I have set my expectations too high? If yes how did you manage that? Post us your modem stats so we can take it from there. So to get near full speed at the given time peak hour is pretty good. Not quite Mbps, but I’m guessing maybe my area is congested with Cable users. So I need to get in touch with Bigpond, or will this happen eventually we only got connected on cable today.