Is my vodka tonic making me fat?

by Columbine Quillen on October 20, 2010

My darling husband who typically drinks over-priced gin and tonics and Jameson Manhattans decided the other day that he might be a master bar chef once he determined that he could mix Godiva Chocolate Liqueur with almost anything and it would taste delicious. In the midst of his new hobby, he asked how many calories were in an ounce of that rich syrupy deliciousness – to which I answered, “A lot.” But it’s a common of enough question that I thought a little research might answer a lot of people’s questions.

All the calories are listed for ONE ounce. You can assume that most bars pour between 1.5 ounces to 2.5 ounces. Another common misconception I hear is that tonic water doesn’t have any calories in it – which is a fallacy, it is just about as sugary as a Coca Cola.

How many calories does my vodka tonic have in it?
65 calories for each ounce of vodka
10 calories for each ounce of tonic

A vodka tonic at most bars would be around 160 calories.

Here’s some common drinks and an approximate calorie count based on 5 ounces. All of these counts are approximate, since every bar makes it’s drinks a tad bit different. I based all of these calories on fresh-squeezed juices rather than pre-made mixers.

Cosmo :::: 215

Lemondrop :::: 175

Pina Colada  :::: 340
(made with Coco Lopez coconut cream)

Margarita :::: 205
(made with fresh squeezed lime – not mix)

Apple Martini :::: 280

Bailey’s and Coffee (no whip) :::: 198

Vodka or Gin Martini :::: 325

Otherwise, here’s a basic rundown of basic spirit calorie counts
Don’t know the difference between spirits – click here.
(all per one ounce)

Vodka 80 proof – 65 calories
Vodka 100 proof – 85 calories
Gin – 65 calories
Rum – 65 calories
Whiskey (bourbon) – 64 calories
Scotch – 64 calories
Tequila – 65 calories
Triple sec – 80 calories
Irish Cream – 96 calories
Godiva Chocolate Liqueur – 103 calories

Any soda – safe to guess around 10 calories an ounce

Most fruit juice – safe to guess around 15 calories

Simple Syrup (1 to 1 ratio sugar to water) – 72 calories

Beer calories:
Most light beers come in under 110 calories
Most other beers are around 150 calories except for big porters, double IPAs, and triples – which can be in the high 190s and top out over 200 calories a bottle.

Wine calories:
Wine comes in around 20 calories an ounce, plus or minus. Champagne tends to have a few more calories – but nothing major. Most restaurants pour five or six ounces – so you can think around 100 calories for a glass of wine.

Anyhow, all this proves is what you already knew. Going on a diet? Either stop drinking or stop eating. Might I recommend the latter as you’ll enjoy your diet a lot more.

- Columbine Quillen
I am a mixologist bartender and this is my blog.

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