How to Make Pecan Extract

by Columbine Quillen on April 21, 2010

Pecan Extract

How to make pecan extract

You will need:

1 cups of shelled pecans

2 cups of 151 rum

Take a cup of pecans and place them in boiling water for about 90 seconds.  The reason you are doing this to boil out the tannins (which are bitter) without boiling out the flavor.  Take the boiled pecans and place them in two cups 151 rum.  Let them sit for three weeks tightly covered.  Best to put it in a bottle with a lid that screws on tight – as the alcohol is going to want to evaporate.  After three weeks,  strain the pecans and you will have a gorgeous pecan extract.  This extract has a very long shelf life and needn’t be refrigerated – however I tend to keep such things in the ice chest as it always helps to keep the flavor from fading.

You can use pecan extract in a myriad of cocktails – but I use it to make the syrup for The Help Cocktail.

- Columbine Quillen
I am a mixologist bartender and this is my blog.

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