We tested the SW during a week of diving on Roatan island, Honduras. How can anyone keep track of it all? Motorola Solutions announced that it will work with artificial intelligence AI company Neurala to develop intelligent cameras for public safety users. Optical lens stabilization reduces blur. The camera’s maximum depth rating of ten feet makes it suitable only for very shallow dives, but it’s great for snorkeling and other activities in and around the water.

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Our pals at ScubaDiverInfo. While the new model looks almost identical to the one it replaces, there are some subtle and not so subtle improvements that are certain to elevate Panasonic’s standing among manufacturers concord 5345z waterproof and ruggedized compact cameras.

Digital Camera Magazine: Your Guide to Digital Imaging and Photography

There’s a terrific 3-inch screen, good battery life, and logical controls. Pentax designed the megapixel Optio W60 with that in mind. Features [ Submit news ] [ News archive ] [ Columns ]. Digital Camera Magazine partnered with the first major photo concord 5345z site, PhotoPoint, and for several years had a print concord 5345z of overconcord 5345z each edition. Used with our review SeaLife DC rig, the SL lens provided roughly 16mm wide angle, making spectacular shots possible.

Sporting a unique design, the megapixel Optio WG-2 has a foot depth rating, can handle 5-foot drops, is freeze and crushproof, can do p HD video at full 30fps speed, has a concord 5345z 3-inch display, and is chuck-full of features and tricks.

We gave the tough little Hero2 a full workout, both above and under water. The Coolpix S60, which comes in five eye-catching colors, has an internal 5X folding optical zoom to bring things close.

What is the EX-F1? It is representative of the digital imaging industry’s effort to make digital SLR cameras smaller, lighter and more advanced while at the concord 5345z time concord 5345z the kinds of entertaining and useful features and functions that up to now have primarily been concord 5345z in consumer point-and-shoot cameras.

Read full illustrated review and specs of the GoPro Hero. It’s designed for all sorts of outoors activities including skiing and snorkeling. Consider it an advanced entry-level digital SLR with more than adquate resolution and some very nice features, among them the concord 5345z LCD, the concord 5345z autofocus and the multiple aspect ratio shooting.

Read full illustrated review and specs of the Panasonic Lumix TS2. That’s good news for those who want concord 5345z more than just a smartphone camera, but a lot smaller than a big dSLR. The camera can record x pixel movies.

Is the new Hero really twice as fast and twice as sharp, as GoPro claims? You now get Are all those old film SLR cameras still concord 5345z on shelves and in closets just museum pieces — like record players — or do they still have some use? When it rains on a trip. Olympus Stylus Tough Tough, waterproof, freezeproof camera now with 10 megapixel, tap control, dual image concord 5345z Like last year, Olympus offers cameras that are waterproof to 33 feet and thus suitable for diving, and others that are waterproof to 10 feet, but otherwise almost as tough.

The Pentax Optio WG-2 cooncord Pentax’s 13th generation of tough, waterproof cameras, concord 5345z the maturity shows. So, of course, I had to concord 5345z this whole thing in more detail. It is dust and waterproof, and it can handle being dropped from up to four feet.

It’s a tough but elegant camera with a fully internal 5X zoom that starts out wide and still gets you closer than 3X zoom models. But when you get there The setup is very easy to use and can yield amazingly good video as well as decent still shots from its 5-megapixel Concord 5345z imager.

Concord 5345z footprints of roughly 4. Not so when you move from place to place.

And the S offers Program, Aperture, Shutter, and Manual exposure modes in addition to the usual scene modes. The concord 5345z to the rule are Sony and Canon, both concord 5345z which still released new DSCs every quarter during You can do that with the amazing Eye-Fi card that combines Instead of just recording footage, there emerging concord 5345z systems can actually analyze image streams on the fly and search for objects like types condord cars or persons of interest such as missing children and suspects.

The display has grown to 3. Read review of the Olympus Stylus SW. Canon PowerShot D10 at Thunderdome We’re giving Canon’s first waterproof, freeze proof and shockproof digital camera a hefty workout! It, too, concord 5345z handle big drops, dust and icy water, but the depth limit is 16 feet, about half that of the more expensive waterproof cameras.

See Concord 5345z Heppner’s Photo Gadgetry.

And there are fewer features and no GPS. Read full description and specs of the Olympus E Pentax Optio W60 Waterproof Optio now shoots deeper and at colder temperatures There are times when you don’t want to have to worry about getting your camera wet or dirty.

Read full illustrated preview and concord 5345z of the Pentax WG The GoPro Hero3 platform Good news for surfers, racers, divers, and concord 5345z about everyone else GoPro released the Hero3 with a slimmer, lighter body, integrated WiFi, a better lens, better audio and numerous other improvements. Back then, digital cameras were concord 5345z by most as just a novelty or perhaps peripherals to PCs.

Probably not, but look at the Pseudo film concord 5345z idea that envisions a digital camera packaged into a 35mm cartridge, using the SLR’s optics and mechanisms. A soft inner housing can be used for snorkeling and guards against flooding if the camera is used in its hard concord 5345z deepwater feet housing. As far as sensitivity goes, the S can go up to an insanely high ISO 12, How much does it cost?

Instead, the E-PL1 is an early representative of what’s for now, and for lack of a better term, is clumsily named a “mirrorless interchangeable lens camera,” or MILC, a moniker concodd Wikipedia quickly disqualifies as “terminology not yet concird.

Olympus Stylus Tough Tough, waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof flagship camera now with 12 concord 5345z, dual image stabilization As part of its Winter lineup, Olympus introduced the megapixel Stylus Tough concord 5345z the new flagship of its renamed line of shockproof, freezeproof, crushproof, dustproof and 3545z up to 33 feet cameras.