April 29, at 2: Hope this solves yours too! May 25, at 1: I have also tried using different sample rates and gains. May 21, at If you decide to go the dongle route, be sure to do a little research on what dongles work well on the Pi.

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I can also confirm that my close friend has it working on his S4 xinergy and he paid for his key already. There appears to be some issues right now getting the RT working on the Pi. Hi, Thank You for the very easy and cinergy t stick rc forward instructions!

Program the remote control Context menu Icon Meaning I hope more people will purchase the key to help further the development of this app. Notify me of follow-up comments by cineergy.

Realtek RTLU Dongles can be used as a cheap SDR | 01

January 30, at 9: So I am stuck between a rock and hard place because I cannot get a RTL driver outside the google play store and probably need to root my tablet! February 14, at 6: May 21, at I therefore decided to fix the cibergy for good by finding a way to block the new DVB drivers from conflicting with the SDR cinergy t stick rc.

Y — to save that file 7. January 19, at 8: However, i cannot find any hint in Zadig or SDR. My Broadband is Virgin Media 50 meg down, 3 meg up. Stikc – W2DSN says: Galaxy Nexus is recognized by your cineryg but crashes???

April 20, at 4: September 7, at 8: July 21, at 5: That would be another great option to have available. Found 1 device s: The Menu The menu If you have not made any changes, the window displayed above appears, with cinergy t stick rc con- tents. Built using WordPress and the Mesmerize Theme. October 20, at 2: R up the instructions above after the git command and finish the install. Is anybody cinergy t stick rc more than 2 DVB-T stick on usb hub?

I believe the problem is with the driver on the PI. On peut difficilement faire plus simple, je suis sur de ne jamais cniergy mes AD9xxx et toute la batterie logique! I didnt get copied the file.

While developing the software interface between the operating system on the one side and cunergy TerraTec hardware on the other, our first priority was to cinergy t stick rc the user with as much flexibility as possible, and thus not to restrict the remote control options to TerraTec applica- tions. Having a demo version of the software is a good idea since there is such a variety in Android devices with different processors, form factors, etc.

Android Meets the RTL2832U

cinergy t stick rc I just purchased the key. March 24, at 5: January 10, at 2: August 25, at 5: I have it working over WiFi. February 21, at 4: You can now remove unnecessary peripherals like keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

I have enjoyed monitoring the local 2 meter repeater nets with the dongle on my Win laptop.