A little ditty in the city.

by Columbine Quillen on September 4, 2012

So I find myself back in my old life, far removed from the rigors of law school. (Although it has this perverse way of making you always feel guilty for thinking of anything else.) I am just finishing the last minute touches on two beautiful cocktails that will be presented tomorrow at a trade only gala here in San Francisco tomorrow evening.

Anyhow, I wanted to post the recipes here so people had access to them after the show tomorrow or to anyone else who for some reason wanted to spend hours in their kitchen making bitters and vermouth so to enjoy one cocktail. The base spirits are Pendleton 1910 Rye Whisky and Broker’s Gin. The Pendleton 1910 is a 12-year old 100% Canadian rye whisky finished in white oak barrels. The whisky has a nice vanilla (reminiscent of the regular Pendleton) backdrop with pepper, tobacco, an dark cherry dancing in the forefront. Hood River Distillers just released this rye this year. If you haven’t ever tried the Broker’s, you should as it might just be my favorite London Dry Gin. A wealth of botanicals leaps out in every swig, which isn’t surprising as the Dawson brothers let beautiful herbs and botanicals steep in the juice rather than using a gin basket, whereby the gin fumes escape through the botanicals.


Here’s tomorrow’s lineup – enjoy!

Pomegranate Penhatten


3 parts Pendleton 1910 Rye Whisky

1 part pomegranate vermouth

3 shakes easy Wild Sweet Orange Bitters



Place ingredients in a shaker with ice


Strain into a coup glass

Garnish with a homemade marashino cherry


Wild Sweet Orange Bitters

1 cup Pendleton 1910 Rye Whisky

2 Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea bags (contain lemongrass, blackberry leaves, rose hips, spearmint leaves, orange peel, hibiscus flower, rose petals, ginger root, and licorice root)

The peel from ½ of a lemon


Place ingredients in an airtight container and let steep overnight. Strain and bottle in a dropper bottle. Very very long shelf life at room temperature.


Pomegranate Vermouth

1 cup white wine

1 Tazo Sweet Orange tea bag

½ cup pomegranate juice

¼ cup sugar


Bring ingredients to a rolling boil. Immediately take off heat and cool. Date and refridgerate up to 10 days.


Marashino Cherries

1 cup dried cherries

1 Tazo Sweet Orange tea bag

2 cups cherry juice

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Bring cherry juice to a boil with Tazo tea bag. Pull off of heat and allow to steep for five minutes. Add vanilla extract and stir. Add cherries. Place in airtight container and allow to sit overnight at room temperature. Date and refridgerate up to 15 days.


Brokers Sling


4 parts Brokers Gin

1 part Luxardo Maraschino Liquor

1 part fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 part pineapple juice

1 dash Angostura bitters

1 part Hard Yazi Gingerale



Place all ingredients in a collins glass except for Hard Yazi Gingerale


Add Ice

Top with Hard Yazi Gingerale

Garnish with tropical fruit


Hard Yazi Gingerale

One cup fresh squeezed lemon

½ cup simple syrup

½ cup Yazi Ginger Vodka

4 shakes Angostura Bitters

1 cup soda water



Mix lemon juice, simple syrup, ginger vodka, and bitters together until well blended. Add soda water and stir. Place in an airtight container to preserve bubbles or in a soda syphon if you plan to use over time.




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